Himalayan Green Symphony

Delight in the crispness of our green tea, plucked from gardens that bask in the pure Himalayan sunlight.

Welcome to our cozy haven nestled in the heart of Pokhara, where breathtaking views of the Himalayas meet the serenity of a charming bed and breakfast. At Astam Resort, we've crafted an experience that goes beyond just comfortable stays – we're bringing the soul-soothing charm of Himalayan-grown organic tea to your cup.

Embracing the Himalayan Essence:

Unlocking the Secrets of Organic Tea Gardens

Picture this: lush tea gardens perched on the slopes of the mighty Himalayas. This is where the magic begins. We're proud to offer our guests a sip of the purest Himalayan essence with our carefully curated selection of organic teas.

Exploring the Tea Terroir:

From Garden to Cup, a Journey of Purity

Our commitment to organic tea isn't just about being on-trend; it's a dedication to offering you the freshest, most authentic flavors. The tea leaves in your cup have traversed the scenic landscapes of the Himalayas, absorbing the essence of the pristine environment.

Unveiling Our Tea Collection:

Tea Connoisseur's Paradise

Pokhara Tulsi Elevation: Experience the richness of Tulsi tea, cultivated at high altitudes, offering a taste that's as invigorating as the mountain air. Himalayan Green Symphony: Delight in the crispness of our green tea, plucked from gardens that bask in the pure Himalayan sunlight. Mountain Mint Medley: Savor the soothing notes of mint from our carefully nurtured mountain mint plants, creating a blend that's both refreshing and calming.

Tea Time with a View:

Sip, Relax, Repeat

Imagine starting your day with a steaming cup of organic Himalayan tea on our terrace, overlooking the majestic peaks. Or winding down in the evening with a aromatic brew as the sun sets behind the mountains. At Astam Resort, every tea moment is a scenic affair.

Exclusive Packages for Tea Enthusiasts:

Indulge in the Himalayan Tea Experience

Tea Lover's Retreat: Enjoy a curated package that includes a guided tour of the local tea gardens, personalized tea tastings, and a complimentary tea set to take home. Sunrise Tea Trek: Embark on a guided trek to a secret viewpoint where you'll witness the sunrise over the Himalayas, followed by a cozy tea picnic featuring our signature blends.

Reserve Your Himalayan Tea Getaway:

Book Your Tranquil Retreat Today

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of Himalayan-grown organic teas? Book your stay at Astam Resort and let the soothing flavors of the mountains elevate your bed and breakfast experience. Indulge in the harmony of nature, hospitality, and the perfect cup of tea. At Astam Resort, we're not just a place to stay; we're a destination for tea lovers seeking a Himalayan escape. Join us for a tea-infused journey like no other!

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