Let the feet take you!!

Astam is filled with natural, cultural, traditional and social wonders. It is also at a very decent distance (18 kms) from the Pokhara Airport. From the bus station at Milanchowk, the distance is 5 kms. Hiking is sought especially from Milanchowk, Hemja. Other possible hiking start points are Hyangjakot Fedi, Suikhet, Dhampus and Bhedabari.

Hiking from Milanchowk, Hemja

There are two routes that you can take from Milanchowk.

  • Main road

It is same as vehicle road. It goes through Jhijirka Jungle to Jhijirka village to Astam. Normally it takes like 1.5 hrs to walk.

  • Main trail

It is our oldest trail used by our grandfathers and renovated for later use. The path was inaugurated by Minister of Tourism, Gandaki Province. It takes 3 hrs to climb. Also, it is best way to climb as it provides best views of Pokhara valley as we climb the route.

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