Cultural Programme


Mothers Group Song and Dance

It is fun and interesting to watch local people sing and dance. Mother Group is social community group of Astam formed of women - mothers and girls. They participate in local events and collect fund for the development of the community. The works consist of assisting the road infrastructure, collaborating with sponsors for better infrastructural funds, public awareness on education, girls' assistance programs etc. It is ritual that the group performs their song and dance in front of the audience. The audience can participate also.

Dancing in Panchebaja Music

Astam is best known for the Panchebaja (Music from 5 traditional instruments). The tune is so beautiful that it is considered the best local music of Nepal. If the event is during the day, they can sing their instruments with beautiful tunes, while we can dance in the music. It is actually the best form of performance for huge groups.

Price:NPR 10000.0


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